A Beach Read from Big Red & Shiny: Painter Wilhelm Neusser Speaks with Jim Kiely

Earlier this week, New England art magazine Big Red & Shiny published Intentional Landscape: An Interview with Painter Wilhelm Neusser. Written by gallery co-owner Jim Kiely, Intentional Landscape is an insightful look into Neusser's most recent self-reflective and historically sensitive body of work.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

"I think some of what I grew up with is coming back more and more now that I’ve relocated to the U.S., and I wonder if it’s part of an adjustment process. What I paint now is a very specific type of landscape – a not necessarily super-attractive land that has been industrialized mostly by coal mining.... [T]his is my family’s history.... [A]nd then there’s the historical German landscape, which is not personal but more a play on stereotypes and clichés. The third element I focus on is creating topographies on the canvas – crusts of paint – so that my material itself becomes a landscape. These days I’m aiming for moments when the three ingredients come together and become as tasty as possible." - Wilhelm Neusser

Read the full interview here.
See Neusser's work at the gallery here.

Wilhelm Neusser, Bright Horizon, oil on canvas, 20" x 24"