13FOREST Holiday Gift Guide

Stephanie Young takes her time to throw, trim, carve and glaze each vase by hand, making one different from the next. Her work...

extends sensuality into your living space

confirms your decision to walk off the beaten path

sets you up for a lifetime of flowers.



Susan Jaworski-Stranc distills the world to its basic forms and colors through a printing process that reduces her plate to nothing. Her work...

marks a good starting point to building a collection

brings a shared sense of peace into your home

reminds you there's a world out there to explore.

Heather Pilchard stands silently in nature, waiting for the signal to begin a new painting. Her work...

makes clear how fortunate you are to live on this part of the planet

brings the sky and water back into your winter lives

drops the hint you'd like to vacation on the Cape next summer.



Elizabeth Louden works alone in one of Maine's largest cities and on one of its smallest islands. Her work...

starts up your new kitchen with style

satisfies the urge to introduce paintings and ceramics to your house decor

rewards the cook whose skills remain a mystery to you.

Kristin Texeira translates the poetics of people, place and memory into the colors of paint and mixed media. Her work...

bridges differences in a couple's old school/new school tastes

allays fears over what color to make your living space

does double duty by expanding your art and literary collections.