Taleen Batalian



Taleen Batalian is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator. She manages an independent painting studio and exhibits her work at museums, galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States.

Her recent projects include a collaborative performance installation at the RISD Museum in Providence, RI (2018) and a solo exhibition, GRAFT (Fall 2017), a site-specific installation of sculptural garments, paintings and video at The Weil Gallery, Wheaton College.

Batalian is a faculty member at Rhode Island School of Design’s Continuing Education program. She also teaches and serves as a visiting artist at colleges, art museums and arts organizations.

Primarily, I use intuition to guide my work. As I change, my visual interests change. Staying closely connected with that is what keeps the work fresh.

It is this approach that guides my most recent work. The paintings are made using a variety of materials — mostly wax, resin, oil and ink. I use the color black prominently to highlight the beauty and simplicity of the mark itself.

My work serves as a record of my explorations of surfaces and materials. My process is recorded as much in the layers you see as in those which are hidden. Essentially, I work the materials until something new and innovative happens, and until I feel an energy generated from what I have done.

I decide when a work is finished when I arrive at the closest tangible representation possible of my inner world.