13FOREST Gallery is pleased to present Sun & Salt, an exhibition featuring work by Marco AthiéKathleen Buchanan and Susan Jaworski-Stranc. Timed to coincide with the height of the season, Sun & Salt celebrates the best of summer's offerings.

Through an assemblage of works on canvas and paper, Sun & Salt transforms the gallery space into a visual oasis of meandering coastlines, hot sand and lush countryside.

Escape the mundane and allow yourself to be transported to memories of seaside holidays and long afternoons spent with a cool drink. Sun & Salt allows us all to indulge in the simple pleasures of summer months. Dive in!

Apropos of the season, 13FOREST Gallery will host a margarita social to mark the opening of the exhibition on Friday, July 15, from 6 to 8 pm.

July 15 - September 10, 2016

Fri 7/15, 6 - 8 pm: Summer Kickoff - Margarita social and Sun & Salt opening reception

Thu 7/21, 7 - 8:30 pm: Summer Exposure - Photographer and ocean enthusiast Silke Hase demonstrates the early photographic process of wet plate collodion

Sat 8/13, 4 - 6 pm: Diving In - The art of reduction linoleum printing with Susan Jaworski-Stranc

Sat 8/20, 3 - 6 pm: Beers Out Back - A summer party on our back patio

Marco Athié, Singing Beach, Manchester-by-the-Sea, acrylic on canvas, 18" x 18"

About the Artists

Marco Athié was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and has resided in Arlington, Massachusetts, for the last decade. He holds a BFA from the University of Missouri, where he studied under master watercolorist and underground comic artist Frank Stack, among others. Athié's love for art, architecture and patterns in nature began with admiration of his father's abstract oil paintings, and the contemplation of Eero Saarinen's Gateway Arch as well as the Buckminster Fuller Institute's Dymaxion maps. While much of his prior work has focused on the portrayal of city-like forms and the symbolic balance or dissonance of nature and man-made construction, his current body of work is an homage to his love for the sea. Athié uses a layered, subtly abstracted approach that encourages viewers to immerse themselves within his paintings.

Kathleen Buchanan graduated from Tufts University with a degree in biology. While in school, Buchanan nurtured her creative skills with as many studio art courses as she could fit into her rigorous schedule. After completing a master's degree in wildlife biology at the University of Alaska, Buchanan decided to renew her efforts at studio art, and printmaking in particular. She views landscapes and their inhabitants not only as appealing composition subjects but also as metaphors for the human experience. Buchanan's collagraphs are inspired by the sky and sea in Rockport,  Maine - where she resides - and by her travels to foreign coastlines.

Susan Jaworski-Stranc holds a BA from the University of Maryland. She works with reduction linoleum printing, a process that uses just one linoleum block to create all of the layers within the final image. This exacting technique requires ample forethought; there can be no back-tracking, given that each printing stage reduces the amount of linoleum available for the succeeding layers. The surface is gradually built up with each impression, giving Jaworski-Stranc's relief prints rich, nuanced textures. Jaworski-Stranc's works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout New England, and belong to collections across the country. She lives and works in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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