Rebecca Lockhart 



The need to find an alternative outlet for her creative impulses drove Rebecca Lockhart into the world of jewelry design. While working long days as an English teacher in New York City, she wanted to make something with her hands –– and after picking up a set of chain nose pliers and making her first pair of earrings on a whim, she was hooked.

Over the years, Lockhart’s work has evolved through her experience as a self-taught artist, along with wax carving and silversmithing techniques learned in Italy and Mexico. Her designs fuse a refined industrial aesthetic with global sensibilities, inspired by the duality of urban and rural life. Whether fashioned from re-purposed materials or hand fabricated using recycled metals, there is an emphasis on quality and sustainability.

Today Lockhart lives and creates in western Massachusetts where she is constantly inspired by the industrial and natural beauty that surrounds her.