Arlington's 13FOREST to host new exhibit

An opening reception for the exhibit “Out of Necessity’ will be held at 7 p.m., Friday, Sept. 14, at 13FOREST Gallery, 167A Mass. Ave.

he very concept of necessity has become divisive in our current political environment. Clean water, domestic furnishings and even healthcare may be considered essential or extravagant, depending on one's frame of reference.

Using text and provocative imagery, “Out of Necessity” offers unique perspectives on the real and relative values of what is popularly deemed fundamental to our wellbeing.  Featuring paintings and prints by Louisa Bertman, Jack O'Hearn IV and Christiane Wallace, “Out of Necessity” asks: What do we need for survival and what for comfort?  And to what degree has the power of commercialism blurred the difference between the two?

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