Mary Teichman



Mary Teichman graduated from the Cooper Union in New York in 1976. Her work has been included in more than 250 national and international invitational and juried exhibitions, including The Brooklyn Museum's 22nd National Print Exhibition, Associated American Artist's New Talent in Printmaking, The Taiwan International Invitational Exhibit, The 163rd Exhibition at the National Academy of Design, and The Boston Athenaeum's New England on Paper: Contemporary Art from The Athenaeum's Print and Photography Collection. Teichman was a member of the influential Printmaking Workshop in Manhattan during the 1970s and 80s. Her etchings are in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum, The Boston Athenaeum, The New York Public Library and the Museum of the City of New York, among others. She is active in The Boston Printmakers and the Society of American Graphic Artists, as well as the Printmaker's Network of Southern New England.

The ideas for my multi plate copper etchings are triggered by things I observe: a color or texture, a slant of light— especially those that evoke memories. I am fascinated by the quality of light at night, and by the shapes emerging as my eyes adjust to the darkness. Recently I have been opting for brighter, more saturated colors. The four color (copper) plates are printed sequentially, “wet on wet,” producing secondary colors as well as browns and grays. The ink is pressed under great pressure into the fibers of the dampened paper, resulting in rich, dense colors with a look that is unique to this medium.”