Porcelain and Stone by Kimberly Huestis



Porcelain and Stone specializes in artisanal porcelain jewelry. It began at the end of August 2012, when Kimberly Huestis took a week's vacation to experiment with the idea of making handcrafted ceramic jewelry on a full time basis. Specializing in hand-sculpted, wearable art for those nautical lovers out there; the style is clean and fresh, with an organic touch of coastal elements and textures. It is easily noticeable with clean lines and bright 22k gold detailing. 

Huestis grew up in Vermont. Once a year, her family would trek to the coast of Maine to see the ocean, smell the salty sea air, and play in the sand. It is no coincidence she ended up in the Boston area, with a warehouse studio within biking distance of her Cambridge neighborhood. After studying architecture at Wellesley College and living abroad in the south of France, Huestis has an appreciation for beautiful lines and natural, aged textures. 

The porcelain sculptures are created over 3-8 days. Each piece is hand-sculpted and carefully inspected to ensure quality and consistency in shape before it is refined and kiln-fired. As a former building designer and LEED AP environmental consultant, Huestis takes great pride in creating work that is earth-friendly sculpture that the wearer will love, and love how it is made.