John Campbell



John Campbell grew up in Muncie, Indiana, where his parents worked for the creator of the comic strip Garfield. He moved to the East Coast to earn a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. His artwork draws its inspiration from Mughal and Indian miniature painting as well as religious art from around the world. He creates meticulously detailed worlds in a miniaturist style, incorporating characters from mythology into scenes where they take on new meaning. His artwork has been featured on the covers of Nature and Neuron magazines and his illustrations in Current Biology. Campbell lives in Somerville and works as a freelance science illustrator and an art teacher in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Campbell was featured in filmmaker Nick Noyes' documentary series Portrait of the Artists, which explores the works and practices of the three artists in 13FOREST Gallery's Winter 2016 exhibition Construct, Belief and Nostalgia