Picking up where our 2012 game left off, Tag (you're it)eagerly anticipates the playfulness of the season.

For this fun summer exhibit, we chased down ten artists to play a little game. Tagging them "it," they were each invited to make a piece for a group show. 

But a round of tag never stops there and we challenged them to continue the game by tagging ten more artists to take their spots midsummer. 

With all this running around, 13FOREST will soon become a playground where twenty artists take over homebase. Come see how nicely we all play together!




May Artist

Coco Berkman, Dominic Chavez, Jodi Colella,Stacey DurandAndrew FishDeb HickeyRachel Mello,Mary O'Malley, SkunkJames Weinberg

July Artists

Daisy Adams, Joe BarillaroGrace Bentley-ScheckJenny Brown, Silvia López Chavez, Cortney Leigh Cox, Ruth Daniels, Rocky Delforge, Grace Durnford, Wilhelm Neusser

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