Featured artist: CW Roelle

An artist reveals a certain element of magic by pulling lines and forms from the mind. The process evades words and the results create action in the world.

CW Roelle is a master illusionist. His black steel wire sculptures float vertically like highly detailed line drawings of people, objects and events. When exposed to the play of stationary light or sunlight, they cast shadows that double their images and create the sensation of depth.

13FOREST Gallery is pleased to present Out of Thin Air, an exhibition of new sculptures by Roelle that playfully explores how that realm of thought is made tangible through the creative process and the environment. The subjects will include sleight of hand, levitation, and other tricks of the magician's trade.

About the Artist

CW Roelle is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College Of Art. He began drawing with wire in his junior year when, after looking at a figure drawing he had just made in class he wanted to reach into the paper, grab the line and move it with his hands. He still considers his wire pieces drawings more than sculptures. The imagery he uses is often inspired by the silent film era and the narratives he creates are generally subtle mood studies. Roelle lives in western Rhode Island.

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