In celebration of the world’s greatest storytelling traditions, 13FOREST Gallery presents its summer exhibition, Scheherazade, tell me a story. 

Featuring eight painters, printmakers and sculptors, the show highlights the various ways in which visual art can convey a narrative. Each artist uses his craft to tell a story based on personal anecdotes, classic literature, current events and cross-cultural mythologies. These conjurers use a wide range of media and imagery but, as it is widely held, each picture paints a thousand words. 

Prologue: Once upon a time, a woman called Scheherazade lived in ancient Persia. She married a mad king who had a history of killing his wives each morning. In order to stay alive, each night she told the king a story, but never seemed to have the time to tell the ending of her tale. Each morning the king told Scheherazade that she had one more day to live so that she could finish telling the story in the evening. Eventually, the king came to love Scheherazade as much as he loved her stories. Today, we know the collection of Scheherazade’s stories as One Thousand and One Arabian Nights. 

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