On Friday, March 21, 13FOREST will open Reciprocal: John Guthrie and Dorothea Van Camp. The two bodies of recent work are strikingly dissimilar to a casual glance, however within their imagery is a mutual exchange of ideas. Both artists explore the ways in which geometry can explain nature and in turn, how nature affects the mathematical precision of geometry. The result of this cyclical conversation will be the focus of the show at 13FOREST. 

Guthrie’s hard-edge paintings of innovative geometry play with colors that are carefully contained in sharp, crisp forms. His compositions and vibrant hues recall Op Art of the 1960s, yet the unique details of his brushwork anchor it to a more contemporary art. 

Van Camp’s multi-process works continue the conversation by considering the impact of the flux of the organic world upon the rigor of geometry. Her digital drawings, rendered with vector-based technologies, recall the fluidity of nature and the tactility of more traditional printing processes. 

About the Artists

Both artists have shown their work throughout the United States and internationally and are based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Dorothea Van Camp has studied at the Rhode Island School of Design as well as the College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Her work has been collected by the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston and Wellesley College. 

Former aerospace engineer John Guthrie holds degrees from the University of Cincinnati and the Massachusetts College of Art. His work has been collected widely and was recently acquired by the Addison Gallery of American Art.

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