Above:   Collision,   Hannah Richman, oil on canvas

Above: Collision, Hannah Richman, oil on canvas


Summer Kickoff:: Sat 6/27, 4-6 pm

Double Vision explores the breadth of 13FOREST's rotating collection through the pairing of new with older works from a selection of our exhibiting artists. Presented in two rounds over the course of the summer, this show focuses on creative growth within the Boston area art community and the gallery's own history of supporting artists in all points of their careers.

Above:   Étude Illuminus,   Kenji Nakayama, enamel, acrylic, varnish on paper, mounted on dibond

Above: Étude Illuminus, Kenji Nakayama, enamel, acrylic, varnish on paper, mounted on dibond

During these long summer days when many escape the city, Double Vision draws our attention back to the community. In addition to the content of the exhibit, the gallery will host a series of summer events and small pop-ups that will highlight local business, craft work, and young artists. Join us in celebrating these rich offerings and get to know some of the inspiring people behind them!

Check back with us soon, as the second round ofDouble Vision will feature a new series of artists and events.

Early Summer Artists: Nicole Duennebier // C.J. Lori// Heather Pilchard // Hannah Richman // Mike Ryczek // Dorothea Van Camp

Late Summer Artists: John Campbell // Laura Gurton// Kenji Nakayama // Rebecca Roberts // Sarah Rushford // Christiane Wallace

Arctic Return: Work by Resa Blatman 7/16-7/30

Mission Debrief: Work by Skunk 8/28-9/12

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