Catherine Graffam



Catherine Graffam is a painter, printmaker and draftswoman living in Brookline, Massachusetts. She graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2015. Her work has been featured in Big Red & Shiny and New Hampshire Magazine, and has been shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, Florida and several galleries in the Boston area. Her work can also be found in the permanent collections of University of New Hampshire Art Museum, Phillips Exeter Academy, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and the University of North Florida. In 2018, Graffam was profiled in A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women!) by Danielle Krysa, founder of the Jealous Curator.

Graffam's work is almost entirely figurative, with a continuing motif of portraiture. Portraits help her better understand the people in her life, including herself. By painting or drawing she is able to build upon and express relationships through emotive brushwork. Her current body of work mostly consists of self-portraits, and is a way for her to cathartically process her experiences and regain agency over her body as a trans woman.