Adrienne Sloane 



A contemporary fiber artist with a political focus, Adrienne Sloane deeply explores all forms of sculptural knit structures out of her Lexington, Massachusetts studio. As a hand and machine knitter, her work often addresses timely but universal issues while remaining mindful of the rich historical context of her medium.

Sloane exhibits and teaches internationally and has also worked with indigenous knitters on economic development projects in Bolivia and Peru. Sloane has work in major collections and has been published widely. She also enjoys writing regularly for the magazine Fiber Art Now.

I use a line as my medium. By moving the context of knitting from clothing geometry to sculpture, this becomes an art form with links to a rich and complex fiber tradition that has the power of history behind it. More recently, I have been developing a body of mixed media work that draws eclectically from a broader range of fiber approaches and techniques.

Much of my work has been as a visceral response to the constant assault of unsettling news that pours out of the radio in my studio and I often channel imagery that forms in my head as I listen.

I knit to rejoin the frayed and unraveled places around me.