Yossi Veissid graduated from the school of architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. Before moving to Boston in the spring of 2004, Yossi had his own architectural design studio in Tel-Aviv, Israel, for eight years, working for a variety of private and corporate clients. During that time, he also had an academic career as a lecturer of architecture and design, while developing his unique style as an artist. After living in Brookline, Massachusetts for many years he now lives in Israel.


In most of the series of drawings (black ink on paper) I have been creating since the year 2000, I find myself observing extreme urban situations occurring at liminal places/moments in life.

I think my journey is motivated by a combination of anxiety, pessimism and despair, together with great curiosity and a desire to explore values of beauty and harmony. This is a kind of story in which I illustrate scenes of building and renewal on the basis of the materials of destruction.

Acting intuitively, I draw what I see, what I feel, as if communicating with some ancient knowledge, memories and passion.