Susan Richards graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in painting. Her professional career has focused on conservation and education in the arts. She was a conservator of books and paper at the Boston Athenaeum and an educator in secondary schools in the Boston suburbs. Richards has also worked professionally as a portrait artist, with the completion of over forty commissions. Most recently Richards has been in solo and group shows at the Kingston Gallery in Boston, the Nave Annex, and the Danforth Museum.

The paintings in this exhibition are a continuation of an exploration of the process of abstraction and interaction of color. My starting points have largely been with realistic images of rocks and minerals. In simplifying them through diagramming and using intuitive color choices, the images morph, and become something else entirely. The process has pushed me to explore unusual compositions which evoke different references. The images become a visual puzzle, familiar in feel and yet open to a variety of interpretations.