Rocky Delforge is primarily a woodcut printmaker living and working in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He graduated from Connecticut College in 2010 where he received a Bachelor's in Art with a focus in Printmaking.


The busyness and jazz of a city, the structure of docked lobster boats and the personality that an arm chair can embody are things that catch my eye and imagination. I am currently exploring the concepts of cityscape and portrait. I consider all of my pieces to be self-portraits in some sense, no matter the subject. I am continually interested in making connections and better understanding the relationships between line, shape, idea and emotion. Printmaking is a laborious process but I enjoy the juxtaposition of my expressionistic images which are sometimes drawn in minutes, yet the long printmaking process the drawing undergoes can take weeks. Though each drawing may take only five to sixty minutes, I create many drawings before I choose one with which to make a print.