Mark J. Stock



Mark J. Stock is an artist, scientist and programmer who creates still and moving images and objects combining elements of nature, physics, chaos, computation and algorithm. His work explores the tension between the natural world and its simulated counterpart; between organic and inorganic, digital and analog, structure and fluid. Stock eschews the "black box" nature of commercial softwarehis work is exclusively created with scientifically accurate research software, mostly of his own design.

Stock has been showing work since 2000 and has been in more than 80 curated and juried exhibitions, including Ars Electronica, ASPECT Magazine and seven SIGGRAPH Art Galleries. He has spoken at numerous scientific, graphics and art conferences and has published papers in a variety of fields. Stock completed his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan in 2006 and works out of his studio in Somerville, Mass. 


My work relies heavily on science and technology to explore the intersection of the seemingly opposing paradigms of physical and virtual worlds, of fluid and solid, matter and information, and life and algorithm. The complex, intertwined relationships among these are clearly exposed when attempting to teach a digital computer how to recreate physical phenomena. Inherent to this task is the development of numerical methods which solve the equations of physics with a minimum of arithmetic while not allowing the ever-present minuscule errors from ruining the whole effort. If a specific method has been validated against real, physical phenomena, then it becomes a very useful tool for peering into the undetectable. The ephemeral can then be made timeless, the fluid solid, matter represented as information and a physical moment exposed to virtual exploration.