Laura Wulf has her Bachelors of Fine Arts from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She lives in Jamaica Plain, MA and her work has been shown across the country.


This work reconciles the technology and the mediated experience of making a photograph with the tactility and the immediacy of making a drawing. First, in the darkroom, I expose the paper multiple times, as a photogram, without the use of a negative. Then, back in the studio, I scratch with a sharp tool or sandpaper directly into the emulsion of the paper. 

I was involved with photography long before I began to draw, but when I encountered drawing I discovered a new kind of engagement with, and a deeper understanding of, the creative process. The compelling question for me became could I work more directly with photographic materials or would I have to start all over with a new medium? This body of work is the result of finding a question worth asking. 

The work explores the color potential of chromogenic photo paper, serendipity in a completely dark room and mark-making on an unforgiving surface. Each piece is unique and expands the notion of what a photograph can be-not simply a reproduction of something that already exists but an object in and of itself, something completely new.