Turin Clayworks



Lars and Connie Turin began working together in clay (and in life) in 2012. Prior to their union, Lars spent more than 35 years as an art instructor in public and private schools. His first love was always ceramics, which he perfected and sold while teaching and raising his family. Connie took a liking to clay back in high school, even spending a summer as a potters’ apprentice, only to shift gears and head in other directions until she and Lars began collaborating. Together they are based in York, Maine, and known as Turin Clayworks. 

The basic forms of our textural pieces are created by using the conventional clay methods of either wheel throwing or hand-building. We then wick the moisture away from the outer surface of the piece to "quick dry" it. This is accomplished by using the chemical sodium silicate and/or a heat gun aimed directly at the surface. Once the surface has dried sufficiently, we stretch the piece from the inside out which results in the surface cracking, much like dried earth does in the very dry season.

Design results are either inherent in the cracking clay or enhanced by marks made on the outer surface, either by scoring the surface or impressing a pattern into it. To finish off each piece and to accentuate the textured surface, we add colored clay or engobe. Most of our work is done in porcelain as it creates the most dramatic light/dark surface contrast.