Kristin Breiseth



Kristin Breiseth was born in California and grew up in New England. She received her BA in Religion and Women’s Studies from Dartmouth College and her BFA in Printmaking from the California College of the Arts. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, is in numerous private and corporate collections, and has been featured in the juried publication New Amerian Paintings. She currently lives in Arlington, Mass. and works out of the Joy Street Studios in Somerville, Mass.


Art seeks a response -- it is a collaboration between artist and viewer. My work seeks a response that doesn't necessarily conjure words first, a response that doesn’t immediately suggest a straightforward, linear narrative. Of course, it is the brain’s hardwired job to create a story, to fill in blanks, to make meaning of the world around us. Can an artist produce a work of art that is solely about feeling, simply about formal concerns? How long can the viewer be allowed to linger in pattern, color and movement, relishing emotion or beauty before the brain rushes in? Can art create an experience that, for a moment, obviates our need to reach for language -- the way witnessing a sunrise is complete and perfect in and of itself, asking for no internal justification and demanding no further explanation to fully revel in it?