Kristin Texeira



Kristin Texeira was born in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2010 with distinction and honors. She has had the opportunity to partake in residencies in the states and abroad such as the Alfred and Trafford Klotts Residency through the Maryland Institute College of Art in Brittany, France and the Golden Foundation Artist Residency in New Berlin, New York. Texeira has exhibited on both coasts and in Europe and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been featured in AVEC magazine as well as UPPERCASE magazine. She paints to provide proof—for herself and others—of existing in certain moments in time and uses color as a means to translate the essence of memories.

I paint to provide proof—for myself and others—of existing in certain moments in time. I paint to capture, document, and preserve memories. I translate the essence of moments through color by mixing up the poetics of people and places. I retell stories through various methods of mark-making using paint, collage, sketching and writing. This process preserves memories as tangible "maps." I often juxtapose these memory maps with short captions that form the foundation for the colors I mix. 

I paint to remember. Through subtle shifts in colors or ranges of contrasting colors, I attempt to create something familiar, and—at the same time—something entirely elusive and intangible, like a forgotten word on the tip of one's tongue. My colors blend and bounce off of each other. They tell of a person or place's ambiguous history. This vagueness is complemented by specifics in my writing, which—while focusing on a moment's singular identity and tender details—leaves much to the viewers' interpretation. 

Color is what I see when I hear music, taste wine, or read the titles of short stories. It is how I decipher new places when traveling, and the people I meet along the way. Through color I am trying to remedy nostalgia; my paintings are the vessels that ferry viewers back in time, so they can encounter a moment again and again.