Juliana Gamble has a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, and a Master of Architecture and a Master of Urban Planning from Harvard University. She has taken a great many night classes at MassArt, where she was a 2012 recipient of the George Nick Prize. The seeds for a life-long love of painting were planted by her high school teacher, Mark Potter. Originally from Maryland, Juliana lives in Cambridge, Mass.

"Color is powerful. It affects our moods and our decisions. It is used as a symbol for schools, political parties and revolutions. It surrounds us every day, everywhere we go.

Painting allows us to reinterpret the world in color. My paintings are done from observation, with a focus on reducing the subject to an abstracted form. I have always favored this style of painting, but learned from my husband, a neuroscientist, that the human brain needs minimal information for object recognition. I was fascinated and empowered to simplify images more – at times limiting the number of tones composing an object or plane to two or three. 

Within this simplification of the form, each tone carries more significance. In my work, much time is dedicated to building color relationships, searching for harmony, reverberation and luminosity. "