Jack O'Hearn IV



Jack O'Hearn IV is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation. His works are arresting meditations on everyday objects and have been described as "salutes to the lowbrow and the overlooked."

O'Hearn is currently producing thematic bodies of work that touch on issues of social and cultural misunderstanding. Having earned his BFA from Lesley University, and MA and MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he now teaches as an adjunct professor in South Bend, Indiana. In addition to being the recipient of numerous honors and awards, O'Hearn's work has been exhibited widely across the United States.

The four paintings in his most recent exhibition at 13FOREST Gallery, Out of Necessity, depict domestic scenes of squatter life, recreated in O'Hearn's studio as a still life. The format of the paintings is based on scientific illustration during the height of colonialism, referencing the history of foreign representation in western society. The accompanying paintings and sculptural installation speak of the relationships between the squatter imagery and American consumer culture.

Other works by O'Hearn are painted in the trompe l'oeil style which deliberately trick the eye with their meticulous detail and highly naturalistic appearance. These paintings explore juxtapositions of interior and exterior spaces while also referencing contrasts between abstract and figurative painting.