Daniel Embree currently lives in Newton, Massachusetts and has recently completed his MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.


Daniel Embree creates paintings and original prints that reflect his fascination with the human body. Through visual cues and expressive body gestures, his figures speak to the viewer and convey emotion. 

"I didn't just want to be an artist, I wanted to be a Mormon artist. I had grown up with lots of exposure to Mormon art, and my mom was always telling me that I could create better Mormon art—I had every intent to do just that." And that meant going west. Seeking to escape his sexuality, Embree sought reparative therapy at Brigham Young University. He turned down the other art schools and headed to Utah, where he studied art for a year before leaving to serve as a full time missionary. He left in 2005 to spend two years in Los Angeles preaching the gospel. Even though he was passionately invested in the Church, Embree brought his art to his ministry. He designed fliers and posters and used drawings in his lessons to inspire people to improve their lives and ultimately join the Mormon faith. Yet the real significance of his mission was in learning to love himself for who he really was. 

"For the first time in my life, I felt like a good person on the inside instead of just the outside. I was doing good things for people and I was good at it. I wasn't the monster I had secretly believed I was because I was gay." When he returned to Utah in 2007 to resume his studies, Embree came to terms with his sexuality and came out of the closet. 

His art, which had always been very spiritual, now began to explore his spirituality in the context of his sexuality. He made intaglio prints of nude figures shrouded in darkness, and he made paintings that represented what life would be like without someone to love.