CK Aderem



CK Aderem received his BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, and his MFA in painting from Boston University. He lives in Arlington and works from his studio in Lowell, Massachusetts.

CK Aderem's paintings are small and luscious objects that wallow in a vibrant abstraction of color and form. Aderem’s pictures are the realization of a delicious and vital relationship between the artist and the paint, his sheer desire to play with texture and organic shapes giving birth to a series of abstract landscapes that celebrate both the act of painting and the glory of the world.

Aderem is an artist who takes pleasure in his discipline, finds joy in the application of color, his sweeping brush stokes layered over and over creating a depth of field and a shimmering luminescence that echoes the reflection of water, or the after-rain atmosphere of a walk in the countryside. To gaze at an Aderem painting is to take solace in the world, in the natural beauty of everything around us, his pictures reminding us that life itself is worth celebrating everyday.  - Moray Mair, Mutantspace