Bénédicte Lassalle was born in Provence, South of France in 1975. She now lives and works in the South End in Boston, Massachusetts.

On the Par chez moi series:
Part of photography’s allure is that it has the power to make our emotions and sentiments real and palpable.
Apartment buildings, parking garages, train tracks - the seemingly mundane silhouettes of a cityscape and things that most pay little attention to let alone consider striking. But in everything, even the most ordinary, there is beauty and emotion. Trees, with their regal mysticism, transposed onto these urban etchings create a poetic and ethereal city. Their maze of branches, buds and leaves creates an oculus shrouded in a filter of mysticism - Nature's lens into the soul of Paris.
The city seems to surrender its austerity to nature. Paris painted by these trees fades into its own forest.