John Cameron began his career in 1984 as a boat builder's appretince and went on to attend the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, California where he studied woodwork with James Krenov. Currently John lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts where he builds furniture and creates wood engravings in his one-person shop.


On Wood Engraving: 
"Engraving end-gain boxwood to make a printing block is deliberate and careful work. Small, sharp cutting tools known as gravers are used to carve incredible detail. Cutting representative images allows me to concentrate on composition and technique, slowing down the world to reconstruct reality one cut at a time." 

On Furniture Making:
"Furniture should be quietly pleasing, humming softly rather than loudly proclaiming its presence...fitting into a room for years to come. 

The sweeping curves and uninterrupted lines in my work are a result of the relationship between design and material. Each piece of stock is carefully chosen and sometimes resawn, exposing its best face. Boards are often from the same tree, providing a unity of color and hue. Handles, pulls, and hinges are made in the shop, using complementary fine woods and precious materials which I sometimes engrave.

The work of cabinetmaking - the designing, joining and finishing of a piece - appeals to me, as it demands the use of both the hands and the mind."